Eren Jaeger Nendoroid 2000 Action Figure | Attack on Titan Anime Series



Get ready to embark on a relentless mission to reclaim humanity’s freedom with the Nendoroid rendition of Eren Jaeger from the iconic “Attack on Titan” anime series! This figure encapsulates the fierce determination and unwavering resolve of the Survey Corps’ leading soldier.

Eren is featured with three interchangeable face plates, each capturing his range of emotions – from his fierce determination, to his steely gaze, and even a battle-ready roar. The figure comes complete with his Vertical Maneuvering Equipment and dual blades, allowing you to recreate the heart-pounding action of the Scout Regiment’s intense encounters with Titans.

With highly detailed sculpting and vivid coloring, this Nendoroid faithfully reproduces Eren’s iconic appearance, including his signature Survey Corps uniform. Articulated joints enable dynamic posing options, making it possible to recreate iconic scenes from the series or display him in your preferred action stance.

Join the ranks of the Survey Corps with this remarkable Nendoroid of Eren Jaeger, and let his unyielding spirit inspire you to fight for humanity’s survival!


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