Kochou Shinobu Nendoroid 1655 Action Figure | Demon Slayer Anime Series



Introducing Kochou Shinobu, the Insect Hashira, in the adorable Nendoroid form. This figure perfectly captures Shinobu’s grace, with her intricate butterfly-themed Haori and tranquil expression.

Included are three interchangeable face plates, allowing you to portray Shinobu in moments of serene contemplation, a gentle smile, or even in the midst of a butterfly dance. The figure also comes with her elegant Nichirin Sword, a symbol of her mastery.

The attention to detail is exceptional, from the delicately sculpted butterfly hairpin to the intricate patterns on her clothing. This Nendoroid beautifully encapsulates Shinobu’s ethereal presence, making it a must-have for any “Demon Slayer” fan.


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