Nezuko Kamado Nendoroid 1194 Action Figure | Demon Slayer Anime Series



Introducing the Nendoroid Nezuko Kamado, a captivating rendition of the resilient demon-turned-heroine from the “Demon Slayer” anime series. This intricately designed figure features three interchangeable face plates: a gentle smile, a determined expression, and a fierce combat face, showcasing Nezuko’s range of emotions.

Nezuko comes with her signature bamboo muzzle, which can be seamlessly attached or removed. Additionally, the figure includes effect parts to depict Nezuko’s powerful Blood Demon Art, adding a dynamic flair to your display. With articulation in strategic areas, you can create engaging poses that reflect Nezuko’s strength and grace.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this Nendoroid captures the essence of Nezuko’s character, making it a must-have for any “Demon Slayer” enthusiast. Add Nezuko Kamado to your collection and commemorate the indomitable spirit of this iconic anime heroine.


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