Phoenix Wright Nendoroid 1761 Action Figure | Ace Attorney Anime Series



Step into the courtroom with the iconic defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, now available in Nendoroid form! This figure captures the essence of Phoenix’s unwavering determination and sharp wit.

Included are three face plates, allowing you to depict Phoenix in moments of confident objection, stern determination, or his signature triumphant shout. Accessories like his courtroom desk, a court document, his Magatama, and a Psyche-Lock effect sheet, along with “Objection!”, “Hold it!” and “Take that!” text plates add an extra layer of authenticity to recreate courtroom scenes.

With fully articulated joints, you can pose Phoenix in dynamic stances, perfectly suited for his courtroom showdowns. The attention to detail, right down to his classic suit and signature spiky hair, makes this Nendoroid a must-have for any “Ace Attorney” enthusiast.

Bring the world of legal battles to your collection and let Phoenix Wright defend justice on your shelf!


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