Satoru Gojo Nendoroid 1528 Action Figure | Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Series



Unleash the boundless power of the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer with the Nendoroid Satoru Gojo, a pivotal character from the electrifying “Jujutsu Kaisen” anime series. This figure perfectly captures Gojo’s iconic visage, from his piercing eyes to his distinctive blindfold, exuding an aura of unparalleled strength.

Equipped with three interchangeable face plates, you can depict Gojo in moments of serene confidence, formidable determination, or even a mischievous grin. The Six Eyes, a symbol of his extraordinary abilities, are also skillfully recreated.

Bring Gojo’s unparalleled might into your collection and join him in the battle against cursed spirits. This Nendoroid encapsulates the essence of Gojo’s unmatched prowess, making it an indispensable centerpiece for any “Jujutsu Kaisen” enthusiast.


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