Tanjiro Kamado Nendoroid 1193 Action Figure | Demon Slayer Anime Series



Step into the world of “Demon Slayer” with the Nendoroid Tanjiro Kamado, the brave protagonist of this acclaimed anime series. This meticulously crafted figure features three expressive face plates: a determined gaze, a gentle smile, and a fierce battle expression, capturing Tanjiro’s unwavering spirit.

Equip Tanjiro with his iconic Nichirin Sword, complete with interchangeable parts to depict the blade in various states. The figure also includes effect parts, allowing you to recreate dynamic combat scenes, showcasing the mastery of the Breath of Water.

With articulate joints and a custom stand, you can pose Tanjiro in a myriad of action-packed stances. This collectible figure pays tribute to the remarkable journey of Tanjiro Kamado, making it a prized possession for any “Demon Slayer” enthusiast.


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