Streets of Rage


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  • Compatible with SEGA Genesis or Mega Drive
  • Version: NTSC USA or PAL
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Enter the mean streets of rage and unleash justice in Streets of Rage for Sega Genesis. This iconic beat ’em up game delivers non-stop action, intense combat, and an electrifying soundtrack that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Join forces with iconic characters and fight your way through hordes of ruthless criminals in this timeless classic.

Streets of Rage takes you on a thrilling journey through a crime-ridden city, where lawlessness and corruption reign supreme. Play as one of the iconic characters – Axel, Blaze, or Adam – each with their unique fighting style and special moves. Team up with a friend in two-player co-op mode and unleash devastating combo attacks to take down the criminal syndicate that has taken over the city.

The game’s graphics showcase the capabilities of the Sega Genesis, featuring detailed character sprites, vibrant environments, and smooth animations. Immerse yourself in the gritty streets, from dark alleys to neon-lit clubs, as you battle your way towards the final showdown. The pulse-pounding soundtrack sets the tone for the action, enhancing the immersive experience and adding to the adrenaline rush.

Streets of Rage offers a variety of challenging levels, each filled with enemies of increasing difficulty. Fight your way through waves of thugs, confront powerful bosses, and discover hidden secrets as you strive to restore peace and justice to the city. Collect weapons and power-ups along the way to enhance your combat abilities and unleash devastating attacks on your foes.

Order Streets of Rage for Sega Genesis now and experience the ultimate beat ’em up thrill. Can you save the city from the grips of crime and bring down the criminal masterminds? Prepare to unleash your fists of fury and embark on a nostalgic journey that will transport you back to the golden era of side-scrolling brawlers.


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