True Lies


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  • Compatible with SEGA Genesis or Mega Drive
  • Version: NTSC USA, Japan or PAL
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Embark on a high-octane covert mission with True Lies for SEGA Genesis. Based on the blockbuster action film, this game delivers intense gameplay, explosive action, and thrilling espionage adventures. Join secret agent Harry Tasker as he battles terrorists, saves lives, and uncovers a global conspiracy that threatens the world.

True Lies for SEGA Genesis combines side-scrolling shooting action with stealthy espionage missions, giving players a diverse and immersive gameplay experience. Armed with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets, you’ll infiltrate enemy strongholds, engage in intense shootouts, and outsmart your adversaries with cunning tactics.

Experience the fast-paced gameplay and cinematic visuals that bring the world of True Lies to life. Traverse a variety of environments, from exotic locations to enemy hideouts, as you unravel the intricate web of deception. Take on challenging missions that require stealth, strategy, and precise marksmanship to succeed.

The game features faithful recreations of key moments from the film, allowing fans to relive their favorite scenes and moments of adrenaline-pumping action. Face off against memorable adversaries and bosses, each with their own unique abilities and challenges.

True Lies for SEGA Genesis boasts impressive graphics and animations, pushing the capabilities of the console to deliver a visually stunning experience. The game also features a dynamic soundtrack that complements the gameplay, immersing you in the heart-pounding action.

With its engaging storyline, thrilling gameplay, and true-to-the-film atmosphere, True Lies for SEGA Genesis is a must-have for fans of action-packed adventures. Take on the role of Harry Tasker and prove your skills as a top-notch secret agent. Are you ready to face danger head-on and save the world from imminent peril?

Order True Lies for SEGA Genesis now and experience the excitement, intensity, and intrigue of this classic action game. Prepare for a pulse-pounding adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The fate of the world rests in your hands!


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